Stretching Strap


High quality 72″ long strap with 10 loops to grab or use for foot & Hand placement.




  • Allows you to benefit from AIS stretching without a partner
  • Stretch all muscle groups using the multiple loops.
  • Lets you stretch more effectively and safely than stretching without the strap.


  • Accommodates people of all sizes.
  • Allows you to add rotation to legs and feet
  • Loops allow for greater coordination/ hand strength during movements
  • AIS Stretches can be done without contracting muscles groups

Examples of stretches you can do with this strap include:

  • Hamstring Stretch x 3
  • Lower Back Stretch
  • Calf  Stretch x 3
  • Quadriceps x 2
  • Hip Flexors
  • Outer Thigh/ IT Band and TFL x 3
  • Triceps x 2
  • Inner Thigh/ Adductors x 3
  • Internal Hip Rotators
  • External Hip Rotators
  • and more…