“I’ve been playing tennis (USTA/CITWL) for the past ten years. My muscles had become so tight and sometimes felt like knots. Stretching on my own wasn’t enough. After visiting Keith, he introduced me to AIS stretching. I noticed an immediate difference. I couldn’t believe the improved range of motion and my flexibility. It has enhanced my performance on the court. His knowledge and complete positive energy towards my physical well-being are unsurpassed. I highly recommend Keith to help you stay in the game you love.” – Maria D., Tennis Player
As a Division I track and cross country athlete, soreness and injuries are common.  It’s hard to stay healthy running over 60 miles a week all year  I’ve been going to Keith for Sports Massage and AIS Stretching for almost 2 years and he has helped my running in so many ways. My muscles are more efficient, and I’m faster than ever before. Keith is excellent in what he does and takes time to teach me how to better maintain my body myself; I would recommend him to anyone.” -Helen Willman, Division I Track and Cross Country athlete getting faster
“Keith is an absolute miracle worker! I am 54 years old and literally do not remember a time without having considerable lower back pain. It was just part of my life. Several years ago, I also started having a lot of IT Band pain on my right leg. Most anything–driving, sitting, or sleeping was causing my quality of life to go downhill fast. The pain was consuming my thoughts. My husband had heard great things about Keith’s work and success, but I was very skeptical and didn’t want to take the time to try something that I couldn’t imagine would really help. Finally after a couple of years of him ‘encouraging’ me to go, I finally went and was totally amazed at how great I felt after just one 30-minute session! I was hooked and so grateful! I faithfully did the 4 simple stretches that Keith gave me!

I would say that before I went to see Keith my pain was a pretty consistent 7-8 on the 1-10 pain scale. After just 2 sessions, I could easily say that I was pretty consistently only about a 2-3. By the time I finished session 3-4, I was totally pain free 95% of the time!! I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am that I went to see Keith! It definitely hurt getting through some of it, but that pain was so worth enduring to get to the other side of–NO pain!! He is amazing at what he does.

I will continue to see him once a month or so for awhile to make sure I stay ahead of it—and, just because it feels so amazing! I have an occasional flare up when I have been on my feet too long or have just over done something, but just by doing the few stretches, the pain is gone! Please do not hesitate to go see him like I did! Let Keith help you to be pain free! I feel so blessed!+ – Karen S. 

“I have been working with Keith through my first pregnancy. I strongly believe his work has kept me out of pain and has given me the capability to continue running into 36 weeks of pregnancy. Keith takes pride in his work and the love of his career shows. He has taught me how to efficiently and effectively stretch major and minor muscle groups with a completely different approach. As a chiropractor I am on my feet most of the day and adding pregnancy to the mix made it challenging some days. Due to Keith’s Active Isolated Stretching I was able to stay as active as ever without the issues that many women experience. I am so thankful for his hands, his work, and his compassion for his career!” – Dr. Emilee Anderson, DC
“To be honest, I was skeptical at the beginning about devoting time exclusively to improve my flexibility and range of motion since I am a well trained athlete. I was very happy with the results, I feel I am more agile and have fixed a few back pain and problems I had in the race car over long periods of time thanks to improving my flexibility”. – Memo Rojas, GrandAm Series driver and 4 time series champion
“As a professional racing driver, I’m always focused on finding just a bit more speed. At the race track, we work to trim down the race car. But away from the track, I’m doing everything I can to maximize my physical fitness. Keith has been instrumental in helping me properly recover and stay injury-free. The demands of handling an IndyCar at 200 mph can take a toll on your body but through regular sessions of active isolated stretching with Keith, my flexibility and range of motion have dramatically improved. I have to thank Keith for being an important part of my race prep.”  – Charlie Kimball, IndyCar driver
“For nearly a year, I had experienced hip pain as a result of scar tissue that had built up over time. It became an issue that affected my quality of daily life. The consistent throb and acute symptoms made it difficult to manage everyday activities, including work, playing with my three children, and recreational sports.

When I came to see Keith, he immediately provided a thorough assessment and determined the proper steps to get me on the right track. After a month of bi-weekly visits, I began to notice drastic improvement both with my range of motion and the pain I had been experiencing. Keith took the time to explain what he was doing and why. More importantly, he gave me the tools and techniques to help manage and alleviate the pain on my own. I found him extremely knowledgeable and it was apparent he is very invested in his patients’ success. I feel better than I can remember. My quality of life has been dramatically improved and I owe it all to Keith. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a consultative and caring approach to physical recovery and rehabilitation. Thank you Keith!”  – Andy M. (37 year old Father, Business Man and Husband appreciating “Quality of Life”)

“I have been an athlete of some sort for most of my life. I have competed on a national level in Bicycle Racing, I played soccer, and have swum competitively. I work in the bicycle industry, so having a level of fitness is required. Something I did not possess, after having stopped regular exercise for several years. 2 years into trying to get myself back into shape, I was doing well, but needed help, more help than regular chiropractic, and massage could give me. I was having intermittent sciatic, and IT band issues all on my right side. Travel for my job did not help this issue, and I was at the end of my rope. The first day I met Keith he took his only free time that day and worked with me. I went from barely able to walk to feeling like a new man, in 1 hour.

He then recommended weekly sessions to get me going again, so I could continue training, hopefully to start racing bicycles again. After 2 weeks of regular sessions, plus ‘homework’ I was back on my bike and riding better than I had ridden in years. While my issues aren’t gone, they are under control, and with the instruction that Keith has given me, I can head off flare ups when I feel they are coming on. Keith is an extremely caring and passionate person about helping people. He is always glad to offer advice and teach me how to take care of myself when I cannot get in to see him. I would recommend anyone who is exercising to at least talk to Keith and find out how they can supplement their training with his stretching routines.” Nathan Schickel (Racing Again)

 “As a chiropractor that has worked with athletes from professional to novice ranks as well as general practice, I have found significant benefit to working directly with therapists that work specifically with problem areas as well as performance development. Keith is exceptional in this field utilizing his background in massage therapy and anatomy to guide him in muscle therapy utilizing AIS technique and soft tissue stabilization with Kinesio taping. His passion for helping people, care and knowledge are unmatched and I feel extremely fortunate to have him as a part of my team.” –Dr. Rob Schroeder

“Keith Caskey works with many of our drivers with Active Isolated Stretching. This is one of the most effective injury prevention/recovery methods available.

If you train, especially multisport, a few sessions with Keith will save you loads of grief. If you know my training history, I fought with hip flexor/low back issues for the last few years. This guy is one of the reasons I’m training as hard as ever…Check him out”
Jim Leo (Owner PitFit Training – Sports Conditioning, Fitness & Training)

“I have been an athlete since I was five years old. I started with baseball, then added basketball, track & field, fast-pitch softball, volleyball and golf. I’ve always been an avid weight trainer and added extreme sports six years ago. I have had my share of sports related injuries and concussions but I had never experienced the intense back pain I was enduring when I first met Keith Caskey.

I showed up in front of Keith in agonizing tears. I literally wasn’t able to stand upright, but only at a 45 degree angle. Every step I took felt like knives were being thrust into my spine and lower back. I felt helpless. I was terrified that I may never be able to run or play contact sports again. Keith introduced me to AIS and provided me immediate care. I cannot stress enough…I was in horrible pain and I was frightened. I will never forget that pain but mostly I will never forget the genuine compassion Keith showed, the care he gave, and his promise that “we” could get me right. He had that much confidence in his knowledge and he believed in me….and from that moment, I fully believed it, too.

We agreed after day one that I should continue AIS at least twice a week for the first few weeks to stay ahead of the pain. I had only 10% mobility when I first crawled into his office. By my second week (four appointments with Keith) I was walking upright and the pain was nearly gone. He gave me detailed instructions on stretches to do at home and continued to encourage my progress. I have continued to get stronger and after just a couple months, I’m able to run at full speed again and I’m cross fit training three times a week.

To say I appreciate Keith is an understatement. He helped me regain my physical strength and I’m eternally grateful for the genuine joy he showed as I made strides. I could not have gotten through those painful weeks without him.”
Stacy Paetz (unwilling to stop playing sports or AIS)

Amazing stretching results Keith. I am so thankful I have met u! From the moment I walked in your room and heard the calming music, my body immediately felt comfortable! I went in feeling so much pain from severe scoliosis and daily stress. I was at an 85% pain rate! I couldn’t sleep from tossing and turning through the night. After my first hour visit focusing on my upper body I had immediate results! My pain went down to 15%!!! Your AIS techniques were simple, painless and effective!

The following week I did an hour on lower extremities and now I move and feel pain free! I have to thank you for my life! I was getting massages on weekly basis and in too much pain to work out! Now I am back to normal even with my scoliosis. I have an increased range of motion with all my joints and more flexibility through out my body! It’s all in “who you know” and I will be referring several people so they can feel how I now feel!

Again thank you so much for your knowledge on the body!!!!”
Rachel R. (AIS Client with Scoliosis “In the know”)

“Our son began seeing Keith toward the end of his 8 grade year and suffered from a lack of flexibility in his hamstrings and hips which led to consistent pain in his lower back and restrictions with his raw athletic ability. While I continually encouraged my son to stretch on his own, it wasn’t until he began seeing Keith that we saw any improvement. Now we are approximately 60 days into Keith’s Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) program and my son has made remarkable improvements. His flexibility has improved drastically which has improved his vertical leaping ability, quickness and speed. His dream of dunking a basketball which seemed like a far off fantasy, now is nearly a reality.

But most importantly, my son’s back is pain free for the first time in several years. I highly recommend working with Keith in order to improve your athleticism and overall health.”
Pete M. (Proud Dad of Travel League Basketball Player)

Keith, I won the last event out here (2012 Southern California Open). Couldn’t have won without your help!!! (Greg hadn’t been able to take full swings for weeks because of his injury)Greg O. (Professional Golfer, AIS and Kinesio Taping Client)
Keith, I’m pretty excited. My walk today was the first in a long time where I felt my hip was “swinging” and not “gimping”. Thanks!
Anne R. (AIS Client, Yoga Practitioner, Flutist)
“Keith Caskey is one of the most gifted providers I have had the privilege to work with in my 25 years of getting massage. He provides a unique blend of talent with a most compassionate presence and ability to listen to his client’s needs, and his results are effective and long-lasting. After six major spine surgeries, I have tried physical therapy along with acupuncture, chiropractic work, and other alternative approaches. I would choose massage as the most effective intervention by far, and Keith is one of the best providers I have found.

His work has been extremely effective to relax muscles groups, increase blood flow, help loosen spasms (even those that have seemed permanent), and decrease pain. The effects of his massage lasted long after I left his center, and his expertise is profound. However, even more impressive is Keith;s presence and bedside manner. Keith approached my needs with sensitivity, compassion and kindness. His caring spirit shows through everything he does, and the professional talents he brings are tremendous! I cannot say enough about his gifts in this area, and I am most grateful for his help.”
Dr. Anne Mary Montero (Deep Pressure Therapeutic Massage Client)

“Having combined knowledge of Massage Therapy and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), and his own personal experience of the mental and physical limitations an injury can cause, Keith’s background has cultivated an intuitive approach. He is in tune with what your body is saying.

Keith listens, feels, and responds to your injury, your tension, your concerns. It’s fun to watch his mind work. He knows there is not one single approach that works for every issue, that there are many checkpoints that must be addressed to find the true source of the issue. His intuitive approach and well-rounded education allows him to put the puzzle together in a fast and effective manner.”
Jeff Sidwell (Rehabilitative Trainer/The Next Step)

“In April of 2012 I had the opportunity to be a student and recipient of Keith’s knowledge and ability of Active Isolated Stretching/ Aaron Mattes Method, he was very precise. I have had 4 major injuries to my body over my life time, which has slowly stopped me dead. Getting up and going to the bathroom was one of the hardest things I did in a day, the pain was 24-7 and I didn’t even have the strength make a piece of toast. I have spent 1000’s of dollars to heal my body – with no results. Until AIS Therapy! Keith worked on my hips and it was the greatest release I’ve had in 18yrs. of searching!

Roxy T. (52 yr. old enjoying life again!)

“I would recommend the active stretching techniques performed by Keith Caskey for all athletes, regardless of ability and age. I run cross country and track at the University of Evansville, where my training requires me to run over 100 miles per week. Keith’s stretching session helped loosen and relax my tight muscles, especially some muscle groups located in places traditional stretching cannot work loose. Keith was also able to teach me techniques I can use between visits to help keep my muscles from tightening.

My session with Keith also enabled me to train to reach my peak fitness. After my visit I was able to lower my best 5k and 3k times in track by over 10 seconds each.”
Cody S. (University of Evansville Track Team)

“Recently I was preparing to go out of town for over a week and in the days leading up to the trip I forgot to make an appointment with Keith. Mere hours before my departure, I called Keith and although he had a full day of appointments, he readily agreed to help me out. I stopped by his office and within a few minutes he not only Kinesio taped my wrist but provided me with a quick lesson and supplies to replace the Kinesio tape midway through my trip. I could leave knowing my wrist was supported and up for shoving luggage into overhead bins.

I really appreciate his customer service and willingness to make himself available on short notice, as well as the education on how to care for my wrist while I was away. Thanks!”
Katie E. (Happy Vacationer)

“Keith is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone who plays a competitive sport. As a competitive soccer player my entire life, including college, I’ve worked with a number of professional trainers to get my body in peak condition.

At the age of 29, I began to feel I lost a step despite intense conditioning six days a week. That’s when I was introduced to Keith and the AIS stretching principles – Keith set up a program which included AIS stretching several days per week, along with a short daily exercise routine to supplement my normal workouts – and the results have been astounding! In a short couple of months I regained that “lost step” and feel better than ever (even college)!

My only problem now is that I need to retrain myself to keep up with my increased speed and agility on the soccer field!”
Tye S. (29 years old/ Competitive Soccer Player)

“Keith really tries to understand how a person feels physically as well as emotionally. When it comes to the scientific aspect of things, he really seems to be informed and well educated. When he works with you he gives you 100% of his time and effort, he isn’t worried about what other obligations he may have that day, but focuses on the issue at hand. Keith continuously works on perfecting his craft and seems to be well updated on the most current techniques used to make someone feel as healthy as possible.

I would seriously recommend Keith for anyone who may feel that they are not living up to their potential or someone who just wants to feel physically better throughout their everyday life.”
Austin P. (23 years old/ Football Player)

“For years, I’ve had difficulty sitting for prolonged periods of time because of pain in my lower back. I’ve had numerous deep tissue massages before, but never experienced the relief I got from Keith’s massage. I could tell that Keith knew his stuff. Not only did he use massage to help me, Keith used what he described as Trigger Point Therapy and then he stretched muscles that where part of the cause of my pain as well. He zeroed in right away on the muscles that were tight and relaxed muscles that were contributing to my sitting difficulty that I didn’t even realize were tight.

Now I can sit more comfortable for longer periods of time. Thanks Keith!”
Jenny R. (53 years old/ Avid Exercise Enthusiast)

The level of service at Indy Muscle Therapy is fantastic. I am consistently impressed Keith’s professionalism and knowledge of the body. Thank you!”
Tom F. (20 years old/ Student)