NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT)

NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT)
Certified NKT Therapy… 

What is Neurokinetic Therapy?

NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT), is an advanced therapeutic system that can help your body heal by teaching it to unlearn movements and muscle functions it’s become attached to.  Created by David Weinstock, this muscle test uses touch and pressure to retrain movement patterns and muscle memory stored in the brain.

What it’s not: Magic. Although sometimes it feels that way since it works so well.

What it is: A system of precise muscle tests to help us identify where in a movement pattern the root cause of pain is located. It can reveal faulty muscle and movement memories your brain has stored away in the Motor Control Center (MCC) of your cerebellum. The MCC coordinates all the movement patterns in your body. And just like we humans, it learns through failure.

In plain English: NKT can reprogram your brain. And more often than not, when other treatments have failed and your pain is “mysterious,” NKT is the missing link. Not convinced?

How does it work?

NKT Neurokinetic Therapy is based on the following premise: when an injury occurs, certain muscles shut down or weaken, forcing other muscles to overwork and overcompensate, causing pain and tightness.

A practitioner will apply light pressure and ask you to resist, in order to evaluate the strength or weakness of each muscle, see where an injury comes from, and retrain your body to get rid of out-dated patterns. When a muscle is weak, the MCC understands this as failure and opens up to new learning. The question is: will what it learns heal you or cause you more pain? Think about it: after an injury, your MCC chooses the path of least resistance (your most successful repeat attempts at optimal movement). The most effective learning-by-repetition happens when you fail. Like a baby trying to learn how to walk but falling down over and over, so the MCC learns and adapts to your compensation pattern and holds it in its memory forever and ever—unless it can be convinced to change. Design flaw? Maybe.

The great news is this: old dogs can learn new tricks. This “failure” is the perfect opportunity for the NKT protocol to reprogram you at the neural level. Correcting these dysfunctional patterns is fundamental to successful healing.

Neurokinetic Therapy is used as both an assessment and rehab technique for:

  • low back pain
  • neck pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • running injuries
  • joint dysfunction
  • old scars
  • chronic or unresolved pain
  • tight muscles
  • anyone who exerts a lot of energy regularly (whether you’re a pro-athlete, a yogi, or a dancer)

NKT Neurokinetic Therapy is foundational to our results at Indy Muscle Therapy!

Neurokinetic Therapy is all about hands-on muscle testing, which allows us to quickly diagnose the causes of your overcompensations. We test your body’s reactions to different movements, stances, and pressure. We review your present and past injuries, delve deep into your movement patterns, discover the weak points knocking you off-balance, and reveal the real causes of your pain. Expect a set of integrative exercises personalized to your unique needs.

And—because stretching and massaging gets all the glamour while essential strengthening and stabilizing is often neglected, we take it to the next level, fully integrating your treatment with practical corrective exercise to restore functional patterns.