How does it work?

  • Corrective Exercise is a type of exercise that helps in bringing the body back into its normal postural position. The body is designed such that it performs at its maximum level when it assumes a proper posture. However,many individuals tend to pick up bad postural habits such as slouching, leaning and sitting at desks in awkward positions at work. Gradually this wrong position is assumed in daily activities causing tightening or stiffness in certain regions and loosening in other areas. Muscles become weak and may not also work. For example, a person’s left hip may not be working properly. This may result in a rotator cuff problem or tight calf muscles. If the movements are compromised in one region of the body, it will cause symptoms in another part of the body. Corrective exercise helps in reversing these compensations and imbalances and directs the body to work in coordination and without pain. Corrective exercise helps in loosening the tense and stiff muscles and activates the lazy muscles. Basically it helps in re-training the body to move as it was designed to move in order to function at its maximum level. Corrective exercise enhances the body’s biomechanics and eliminates the negative stresses from the body, as these negative stresses build up in the body resulting in pain and affecting the body’s normal range of movements. Through corrective exercises, the correct structure of the body is restored and the body stops compensating for imbalances and the person is able to move freely without pain.